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$4 Million dollars and one year to completely restore the Phoenix Tennis Center.

Restoration from the ground up.


Our thanks to Larry Sims for these photographs.



We remember the old courts.

The initial phase of the project was to tear up the old courts. The cement from the old courts was crushed and saved for use as the base of the new courts.

View from 21st Avenue of the old court demolition.

Workmen tearing up old courts east of pro shop.

The land east of the pro shop bare and graded.

Preparing the foundation.

Next, the construction begins. The base is put down and the rebar installed.

Note the blue awnings have been installed for player shade and rest area.

Concrete is poured.

Concrete is poured and ready for next phase.

Fencing can begin.

The pavillion area is ready. Note the large yellow frame for the court section awning.

Once the concrete has cured, the smoothing process begins.

A black primer is applied to the cement.

After the primer has set, the blue court layer is applied.

Brand of blue paint.

The green court paint is then applied.

Lining the courts now begins.

Courts 8, 9, and 10 completed.

Wind screens ready to be installed.

New Court Signs.

View from the west entrance.

Court four by the entry.

Landscape and Junior banner.

Lights at night.

Overview of new courts.

180 degree of the courts.

Overview of Court 5.

Tennis courts and skyline.



New Pro Shop Completed January 2019


Thank you for visiting and enjoy the new courts.

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