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The Memory Book has three main sections: (1)A look back; (2)Current; (3) Changes.

Cardinal Memory Book

Marshall High School Class of 1961 Reunion Memory Book

Table of Contents

        Status in 2011
        Teachers attending the Reunion
        Active Alumni A-H
        Active Alumni I-L
        Active Alumni M-Q
        Active Alumni R-Z
        Marshallites who served their country
        Missing and Shy Marshallites
        Students We Have Lost
        Updates Since 2011
        Marshall History
        Southeast of Old


To all the teachers and staff at Minneapolis Marshall High School

Marshall HS Teachers and Staff


Class of 1961 - In a Class of its Own


Collage of Seniors

Principal Chapman in the middle of things.


Marshall HS Yearbook Photos collage

Coaches got results!

  Marshall HS sports collage

Loads of Talent

  Marshall High School talent show collage

From Seniors to Seniors

Marshall HS talent collage

Then in 1961

Product brands from 1950s

Between Then and Now

The gang that couldn't count straight held their 41st reunion.

  Marshall HS class of 1961 and 41st reunion

Status in 2011


Teachers attending the Reunion

         Robert Rose


Robert Rose



         Don Sovell


Don Sovell


         Duwayne Deitz


Duwayne Deitz


         Norm Kragseth


Norm Kragseth





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Active Alumni A - H

Aspers, Elsa  



Barkman, Florence    



Biernat, Patricia   


Bigbee, Arnold        

Bjerkebek, Eugene  

Brandt, William 

Bratlie, Kurt


Brockman, Vern 

Brumbaugh, Sandra   

Brummer, Donald

Busterud, Patty

Drews, Henry

Edgell, Robert

                                                                                                   Son Rob with Granddaughter Madison    Wife Sue with Madison            Son Shawn

Ella, Jo Ann

            Guess which photo has my husband in it.

Erickson, Darlene


Forsman, Florence


Fredeen, Kent

Friedland, Diane

Gallagher, Sharon

Graves, Elaine

Hein, Judith

Henze, Robert

                                          Joe Ellen with Bob        Bob with Betty the Beagle

Holmstrom, Ken

Hunt, David


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Active Alumni I-L

Iverson, Diane


Johnson, Keith

Johnson, Richard Heebl, Karen


      Richard/Father's Day  Karen's Retirement Day    Paul, Paula & Family     

Koch, Patricia

Koors, Robert

Krahn, William

                                                    Bill                      Good Friend Buzz

            Art and Photography are my hobbies.


Kruchten, Jerome

Labelle, Phyllis

Larson, John


LiaBraaten, Geraldine


                                   Corner                                  Wrinkles                     Parked Car Reflections


Lindstrom, Dan

                                  Daughter Alissa with Grandchildren Adriana & Cassidy

Lonnqvist, Kirsti

                                           Husband Johan and two sons                          My Favorite Place

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Active Alumni M-Q


Musil, Richard

                                            Katie      Ian                    Richard   Aaron  Kay   CJ

Nelson, Dennis


Nowotney, Joe

O'Hara, Sharon

Olson, Lyle

Orr, Sharon

Osgood, Georgia

Pierce, Steven

Pinz, Barbara

Pohl, Frank


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Active Alumni R-Z

Radil, Larry

Rogne, Jacquelynn

Rose, Richard


Rose, Richard

Rosenbrook, Jo Ann

Saari, Jack

Salas, Mary Louise


Salas, Susanne

Sanzone, Teresina                     

Schellenberg, Kalman

Spivak, Thomas

Stabile, Sandra

Stansfield, Jim

Stroschein, Diane

Swanson, Marlyn


Teragawa, Gerald

Torkildson, William

                                            Wife and Grandson            Arriving at Annapurna, Nepal basecamp-13,550 feet     

Trumble, Marva


                                                    Ward & Marva                                   Son Troy and his daughter Whitney             Daughter Cherise and Mike Grass


                                                  Karlene & Bill Ferreau  Erin, Chad and Lexi Smith         Ward and Heather

Vogen, Linda

                                                 Rick      Linda     Bill       Mike                 Son Joel with girlfriend  Natalia      

          Vogen (Hamilton) Linda

          2225 Jeffery Allen Dr.#321

          Shakopee, Mn   55379

Westergard, Dean

Yaeger, Mary Anne

Yu, Victor


Marshallites who served their country.



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Missing Marshallites

This section is the yearbook photos of classmates who could not be found.

Missing Marshallites from class of 1961


Shy Marshallites

The reunion committee has worked extensively to find and notify all classmates. In some cases their address was confirmed and they were mailed the invitation and questionaire. Unfortunately they were too shy to respond.


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Students We Have Lost

Marshall Students Class of 1961 Deceased


     Erickson, Darlene



Reunion Committee



The reunion committee will contact you regarding the details.

Sandy Stabile Maxwell:

Tom Maxwell:

Dee Stroschein Thibodeau:

Victor Yu:

Bill Torkildson:

Marlyn Swanson Schmitz:



The Last Hoorah!

We asked teacher/advisor Robert Rose how he felt about the last day of school and he replied......"yipee."


Rose, Robert


And for the end of the 50th reunion, the class responds with........


Skippeeeee and good cheer!




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Updates Since 2011





Erickson, Darlene


          Larry Lindberg 2015

Lindberg, Larry



            Bill Krahn 2015

Krahn, William




           Jim Schmitz      June, 2012

Schmitz, Jim

            Carol Schwieger Frentz 2011

Schwieger, Carol


        Judy Goldnick

Goldnick, Judy

            Judy passed away at an early age of cancer.


        Eugene German circa 2003

German, Eugene


        George S. Patton 2011


Patton, George S.  

          Joe Jockety - Loved by All!


Jockety, Joe 

          The following link is to an article about Joe's son, Walt and features interesting information

           about Joe.               Go to Article.

Notes from Classmates


         Email from Barbara (Robertson) Brandt.


            Brandt bio contributed by Barb

              Spouse: Divorced

              Children: Tammie Hanson, Jeff Brandt

              Grandchildren:Jake 19, Zach 17, Christina 14

Brandt, Barbara (Robertson


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2017 Emails Returned

Karen Heebl Johnson ( Sue Slindee) (John Larson)

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Marshall History

Thanks to Steve and Barb (Hering) Sworski for their contributions to this section.

Marshall was constructed in 1924

Marshall HS built in 1924


Marshall High School in 1945

Marshall HS in 1945

Marshall High School Older Photographs          Go to slide show



Marshall as an incubator for small companies.

Jasper, David

University Technology Enterprise Center


Demolition of Marshall began March 2013 and continued through April 2013

Marshall HS Demolition

Marshall Demolitioin March 2013

Marshall High School Demolition

Marshall High School Demilition

Marshall High School Demolition

Marshall HIgh School Demolition


May 2013 - A large hole in the ground  - Watch the Video.


One of many bricks from Marshall now adorning a former student's home mantel or bookshelf.

Brick from Marshall High School Demolition

Barb Sworski Retrieving a brick story

Sworski Brick Retrieving Story


Architect rendering of new complex on the grounds of Marshall HIgh School.

Rendering of new Marshall Complex


House of Hanson - Then and now!

Original House of Hanson


Architect rendering of new building on HoH ground.

New building replacing House of Hanson



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Southeast of Old

This section is a photo tour of South East Minneapolis from the past.

Van Cleve Park warming house

Como Park warming house

Matlox Grocery on Como

16th St and Como SE Minneapolis

Vescios Pizza on 14th Avenue Southeast Minneapolis

Bridgeman in Dinkytown 1965

Marcy Elementary School 1908

Como Harriet Street Car

Motley Elementary School

Pratt Elementary School

Tuttle Elementary School

Tower Hill aka the witches hat

U of M Memorial Stadium

Holmes elementary school

holmes elementary school 1937

Bunge Elevator


Marshall HS class of 1961 birthday bash in 2013-----

  View the Video

View another video!


We will leave you with this web site devoted to the 1960s - Go to the Web Site.


The End..........almost!

Note: The memory book is in print (stone): however this web site is dynamic and changing. Contribute updates to your lives or changes you would like to see.....


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