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Phoenix Tennis Center is my home away from home!


You have landed on my tennis page and this page is all about my tennis life.

I actually became a fan of tennis many, many years ago. For some reason, I left the sport to pursue golf and indoor soccer.  Six years ago I picked up a racket and life has been different ever since.  In 2009 I joined the United States Tennis Association (U.S.T.A.) and began playing in leagues.  In 2010 my team went to Sectionals (regionals) and we won: then on to Nationals where we came in fourth place.  Since then I have been to several sectionals and a few more Nationals.

Tennis Teams Sectionals/Nationals

I am currently on five teams: one men's five court, two mixed doubles and two 65+ teams. The way I got on two 65+ teams is interesting. This past summer in Minneapolis I was joining a large group on Saturday mornings for fun competition. One of the captains asked me if I would join their 65+ team and assured me that they would be going to Nationals. I played a few matches, qualified for their team and the Natiionals will be held in April 2016 at a Phoenix suburb facility. When I got back to Phoenix in August, a good friend asked me to join their 65+ team and help them win Sectionals. We checked with the U.S.T.A and they approved: allowing me to be on two 65+ teams. The only caveat was that if the Phoenix team also qualified for Nationals, I would have to declare my allegiance. No problem. I have committed to the Minnesota team and the Phoenix team took me on knowing I would stay with Minnesota for Nationals.

Becoming involved with tennis has brought many rewards besides the fun competition. I currently head the volunteer committee for the Phoenix Tennis Center. I have personally designed and programmed their web site. There is a Hispanic family that uses the Phoenix Tennis center to give low cost lessons to inner city youngsters: from toddler to teens. I have a great admiration for what they have been doing since 1998. A portion of the expenses comes out of their own pocket. I volunteered to build and maintain a web site for them. In December of 2015 I wrote a grant proposal for them so they could expand their program to ten inner city schools and hopefully have a positive influence on the high dropout rate in Phoenix High Schools. We will know in March 2016 if their program is selected to receive funds.

I am very proud to be associated with the Phoenix Tennis Center. After many decades of serving the community, the Phoenix Tennis Center went through a $4 million renovation: meaning destroy everything to the ground and build. Here is the renovation.

Restoration Photo Gallery