Charlie Simmons


11-11-1936 - 12-29-2019

Charlie Simmons



Charles Hoyt Simmons

The last ten years of his life, Charlie lived in Phoenix. He was always an avid tennis player and when he arrived in Phoenix, he visited the Phoenix Tennis Center. Charlie became involved with all the activities at the tennis center and joined the United States Tennis Association so he could participate in USTA leagues.

Charlie's love for tennis became more of a passion. He began by joining USTA teams and followed up with becoming a Captain. Over the next ten years he went with his teams to USTA Sectionals and Nationals. Later he began to form casual groups who Charlie would organize and they would meet at the tennis center and play matches. Still, with time on his hands he formed a 'drop-in' group on Sunday nights. Sunday afternoons were spent with a fellow tennis player providing free lessons to adult beginners and intermediate players.

The following photographs show Charlie with his team and the recognition he received. Some photographs he wanted taken to send to his family.


Metal and Vinyl recognition plaques issued by the USTA



Charlie also managed a USTA program called 'Flex League.' This league was structured so you could play singles matches against opponents of similar skills. It is called Flex because you start the season with a list of players you need to play against. It is up to you and your opponents when and where to play the match. Scores are reported to USTA who keeps track of your wins and losses.

A few of the trophies Charlie won at USTA Sectionals and Nationals