Charlie Simmons


11-11-1936 - 12-29-2019

Charlie Simmons



Commemoration Committe Planning and Executing the Plan

The committee began weeks before the commemoration. The first meeting was a planning meeting to decide all the tasks and who should volunteer for what tasks needed to be accomplished in order to have a successful commemoration. The members of the commmittee were as follows:

Bob Edgell - Fund Raising for Memorial Bench - Liaison with Simmons family - Furniture Rental
Ron Martinez - Tennis player communication - Furniture acquisition
Dave Pool - Tennis player communication - Graphics art - Video production - Luncheon Planning & Acquisition
Jessie Li - Luncheon Planning & Acquisition -
Dina Figueroa - Fund Raising - Luncheon Utensil Acquisition - Food Acquisition
Marcos Villaverde - Logistics and Commemoration Set Up
Mark Horlings - Logistics and Commemoration Set Up
Phoenix Tennis Center Community - Very generous with the fund raising and providing hot dishes for the luncheon.

Commemoration Committee and Set Up

The Committee resting during set up

Photos of the Process