Musil Family

Katy, Ian, Aaron, CJ, Dick and Kay

Dick and Kay's oldest son, Aaron, with his wife Christine

They have three sons.

Joe Matt Isaac summer 2015

Joe, Matt and Isaac: Summer of 2015

Ian Musil married Jennifer Provolt and they have a daughter, Cameron.


Ian Jen Cameron

Derek and Katie Mitzel December 16, 2000


Wedding Party

Derek and Katie bore two sons.

Reed and Tye

Tye and Reed 

After a divorce, Katie married Todd Lehman

Todd and Katie 

Todd has two sons by a previous marriage: Lucas and Max.

Derek Mitzel remarried to Stephanie Matthews and they bore a girl:  Harper.

Stephanie, Derek and Harper

Dick and Kay Musil host a Christmas Day dinner at their home in 2015.

This photograph greets you as you enter the Musil home.


Random Photos from the party

Boys playing

CJ football

Derek and son

CJ tye and reed


Ian and Cameron

Boys Playing

Kay and Cameron

Then End

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