Family Line


The marque pictures are a small sampling of the family photos.


The family line is a chronology of the Edgell line on the father's side and the Deves line on my mother's side.

Robinson 50th Wedding Anniversary Edgell Clan
Seated around the table from left Duwayne and Marjorie Fowler (and daughter Pamela),Lelia (Robinson) Deves, Ira Robinson, Darrell Robinson, Standing in back:  Lucille Deves, Lois Deves,and  Francis Robinson (daughter of Darrell),
On the right side: Frank Fowler and Aunt Vadna Fowler, Gary and Bru Robinson, Ira and Pauline Robinson (with
 daughter Marilyn).

Preacher Bell and his wife on the front right..
Back Row:  Wayne Edgell, Uncle Wayne Edgell (brother to Cyrus Yale), Dorothy Edgell,
Victor Edgell, Forest Edgell and Beryl Edgell
Front Row: Wayne/Dorothy's baby held by Glyde Edgell.  Grandma Flora Adams Edgell,
Sylvia Jane Edgell and Aunt Mary Edgell.

Flora died in Akron, Ohio on March 25, 1949.  She was 89 years old.


Pagenkopf - Deves /Robinson

The Pagenkopf line is on the Deve's (Mother) side through her father Carl Joseph Gotthilf Deves.

Peter Pagenkopf - 1700s - Pomerania, Prussia

1. Son - Martin Pagenkopf (born 1799, Pomerania, Prussia: d. Kansas, USA)

2. Nephew or Son - Johan Gotthilf August Pagenkopf

Pagenkopf Line

Edgell Line

Cyrus and Sylvia Edgell

Cyrus and Sylvia Edgell


Helen, Harold, Beryl and Forrest

Helen, Harold, Beryl and Forrest Edgell

  Forrest and Lucille



Bob Edgell and Sharon Wedding


Bob and Sharon

Baby Rob Edgell



    Baby Rob Edgell

Rob and Leslie Marry

Rob and Leslie

Bob's Son Rob with granddaughter Madison

Bob, Rob and Madison

Leslie's girls text

Leslie and girls with Bob and Sue

Rob and second wife Corinna with Madison, Corinna and Corinna's son Carter

Rob, Madison, Corinna, Carter

Madison with Grandpa Bob at her H.S. Graduation party

Bob and Sue Marry in 1985

Bob and Sue Wedding Sue and Thelma

Sue's son by her first marriage: Shawn Riordan

Shawn Riordan

This picture was taken in 2013. Sue, her mother
Thelma who was 93 at the time and her Uncle Harold, aged 86.

Sue, Harold an Thelma

Bob Edgell’s Family

This picture was taken in 2007 in Minneapolis.
Lynn, Bob's older brother (on the left),
Rob (Bob’s son) and Madison, Rob’s daughter and
Bob’s granddaughter. The parchment they are
holding is a genealogy chart made by Rob.

Rob's Chart

Steven Loy Edgell, Middle Son of Lucille (Deves) Edgell

b. 6-5-1941       d. 3-8-2005

Steven Loy Edgell

Steve married Mary Carlson in 1962

Mary Carlson

Mary gave birth to Thomas Lee Edgell

Thomas Lee Edgell married Laura Hall and they had five children:
Bryana, Kristina, Thomas, Ryan and Matthew.

Tom's Family

Lynn Edgell, Oldest Son of Lucille (Deves) Edgell

Senior in High School

Lynn Edgell

Married Carol Hewitt and they had one child: Shari.

Shari married Steve McCorkle. Three Children: Stephanie, Stacey and Sean.

McCorkle Family

Shari, husband Dave Walker, Stacey, Stephanie and Sean




Shari and Dave in front of their new home 2016.  Pike's Peak in the background


Shari's Family

Lynn married Ginger Doose July 8, 1967

Lynn and Ginger

Lynn and Ginger's Family

Lynn and Ginger Family

Half- Brother to Lynn, Steve and Bob Edgell

Lucille remarried to Robert (Tex) Cochran. They had a son, Charles Stanley Cochran.

                                     Charles Stanley COCHRAN (b. 2/25/1948 Lamar, Colorado; d. 1/22/2011 Phoenix, Arizona)

                                         Spouse #1: Kenne KONZ m. May 23, 1968 Half Moon Bay, California

                                                      Kelly J. COCHRAN b. 1/2/1969, Fort Bragg, NC

                                                     James E. COCHRAN b. 3/22/1970 Charmichael, California

                                                     Melvin S. COCHRAN 8/16/1972 Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Maryland

                                        Spouse #2: Ozell WALTON

                                                     John D. COCHRAN b. 8/9/1972 Temple, Texas

                                                     Michelle C. COCHRAN b. 12/7/1979 Branson, Mo.

                                        Spouse #3: Cheryl KASKO-McINTYRE

                                                     Charles L. COCHRAN b. 10/4/1989 Phoenix, Arizona

Chuck, Cheryl and Family

Chuck, Cheryl, Aaron, Curtis and Lee

Miscellaneous Family Photographs

Four Generations

Edgell Family Reunion in Denver, Colorado: circa 1988. Steve and Rob with girlfriends.

Edgell Reunion

Lucille married Tex Cochran who had six children with him. This photo shows two of his six kids

Cochran - Edgell kids

This photo was taken on our back patio. Bob on the left, then Pat Riordan (Shawn's Dad),
Dick Musil our best friend and Shawn Riordan.

Cyrus and Sylvia traveling to Colorado with their children:
Helen, Harold, Forrest and Beryl

Cyrus and Family on the road

Rob's High School Picture

Rob's High School Photo

Shawn at his desk.

Shawn at his desk