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                                              The year started out rather quiet and we are happy for it.  Sue is playing golf four times a week: 3 with the ladies

                                              and once with me.  I am managing 3-5 tennis matches a week.  In addition to playing, in the spring I volunteered with

                                              the U.S.T.A several days a week in their “10 and Under Quick Start” program at local elementary schools.


                                              My initial writing plans for this year is a continuation of last year:  edit, edit and more edit, mainly on the “Pagenkopf”



                                              We enjoyed the visit by Sue’s brother Chuck, his wife Jeanne and their grandson Jeff.  Jeff brought us

                                               energy and it  was fun keeping up with him.  The main activities consisted of tennis and golf. Jeanne and Jeff

                                              were very busy with hiking and exploring.




Then my granddaughter arrived with her mother Leslie, Leslie’s now husband, Rusty Carlson and his daughter Marilyn. We had a great time. 


We relaxed in April  and got ready for the trip north to Minneapolis to continue the family fun fest.


After stopping in Colorado Springs to visit with my niece Shari and her family, I continued on to Blair Nebraska to visit with my older brother Lynn and his family.  These visits are always a great treat.  When I arrived in Minneapolis, my day started with a mini-high school reunion.  We all got together in Dinkytown for our 70th birthday party (we all turned 70 this year) and to view what remained of our high school after its demolition.


This summer started out a little wet.  After a month of being in Minneapolis, we have seen three days of sun.  Oh well....that is Minnesota.


We enjoyed the usual family, league and charity golf tournaments and the occasional tennis; in all, another great summer.  This is the first year that I didn’t take a lot of photos and make a lot of videos and put them on a web site.


A Marshall High School fellow student, Bill Torkildson, organized the “First Annual Marshall H.S. Golf Tournament (two person scramble)”and we had three teams:  Bill and his wife Debra Ann, Dennis Nelson and his wife Florence (Forsman) Nelson and me and Sue. The first annual golf scramble was won by Dennis and Florence and after golf, Bill and Debra Ann welcomed us as guests for dinner and libations and memory talk..  Next years tournament will be hosted by Dennis and Florence in Cloquet, Minnesota the weekend of August 15, 2014.  The charter members of this group: Torkildsons, Nelsons and Edgells, made the decision that this event would be open to all Marshall H.S. (and Marshall University H.S.) graduates.

Contact information:


Contact Dennis Nelson for details.

Phone Number: 218-879-4094

Cell: 218-380-9636

Email Address:


On my trip home I stopped to visit with mom’s best friend from Goodland, Margaret Mead who turns 85 this year.  My next stop was a three day event: my great nephew Sean (Shari’s son) was getting married.  Instead of a lot of details, here is the web site I put together with photos and videos:  enjoy.


We are now home in Phoenix with a lot of landscape work after four months of neglect.  So far the temps have been above 100 so time outside in the sun is limited.  It is relaxing to be back to normal.


Enjoy the surf.