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                                                      The year started out rather quiet and we are happy for it.  Sue is playing golf four times a week: 3 with the ladies

                                                             and once with me.  I am managing 3-5 tennis matches a week.  Two of the league teams I am on advanced to the

                                                             Sectionals and one team advanced to the USTA Nationals


                                                             My initial writing plans for this year is a continuation of last year:  edit, edit and more edit, mainly on the “Pagenkopf”



                                                             In early May I drove to Minnesota while Sue and her 94 year old mother flew.





After stopping in Colorado Springs to visit with my niece Shari and her family, I continued on to Blair Nebraska to visit with my older brother Lynn and his family.  These visits are always a great treat.


We enjoyed the usual family, league and charity golf tournaments and the occasional tennis; in all, another great summer.  This is the first year that I didn’t take a lot of photos and make a lot of videos and put them on a web site.



We are now home in Phoenix with a lot of landscape work after three months of neglect.  So far the temps have been above 100 so time outside in the sun is limited.  It is relaxing to be back to normal.


Enjoy the surf.