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You have landed on my personal/professional home page.  Happy New Year and wish you the best in 2015! 

The year began with a lot of sadness.  Sue's mom, Thelma, passed away. She was with us in Phoenix.  Sue's niece-in-law, Jennie, also passed away.  A victem of brain cancer.

This spring Chuck and Jeanne came to Phoenix with their son Brian (Jennie's husband) and four children.  It was a great and loving experience having them in our home.

I have been retired for several years and  have found that in retirement as in the working life, there are not enough hours in the day.  My time is divided between family, tennis, golf, web site design, tournaments, reading, writing, home renovating and just hanging out when time permits.

I have added a new section to my web site:  Web Site Teaching.  Mouse click on it and see what is new.

2014 was busy as usual:  we traveled again to Minnesota in May.  Sue and her mother flew while I drove with a fully loaded car: loaded with all our important stuff.  Important stuff like golf clubs, tennis equipment, clothing (for both cold and hot), a floor scrubber, pressure cooker, electric wine opener and a plethora of small but important 'things.' Dring my trip north I stopped in to visit with my niece Shari, her husband Dave, their children and grand children.  They are all doing fine and busy with life.  Next stop was to visit with brother Lynn, wife Ginger and their family.

 Sue will be busy this year with her three golf leagues while we are in Phoenix.  I am busy with golf, tennis and everything mentioned above.  Sue and I are both involved with the United States Tennis Association (U.S.T.A.) and this past winter (December 26 - January 2) we volunteered again for the U.S.T.A. Winter National tournament.  This tournament is designed to bring the best tennis players,  boys and girls, 16 and 18 year olds to Phoenix.  These youngsters are phenomenal tennis players and coaches from around the country are here to see who they should recruit.  Universities like Harvard, Yale, Ohio State, Alabama......all in all about 30 universities are represented.  I have worked this before and this is my second year with Sue as my partner.  She did great.  She took over the duties of registering the players, assigning courts, collecting the scores and in general, running our aspect of the tournament.

In the fall of 2014 my teams (three in all) qualified for the U.S.T.A.  Sectionals (like regionals).  Two of the teams (mens 5 court) and 65+ (all team members must be over the age of 65) won their Sectionals and qualified for Nationals.  The men's 5 court did well in the Nationals but did not win the national title.  The 65+ will play in March for the national championship.  Nationals is where they determine the best players in their class for the national title.

This winter I tackled remodeling our hall bathroom.  The shower was an old fiberglass insert.  So I tore it out and went down to the studs and started over constructing a porcelain tile shower.

Click here for the process.

Also, our insurance rep suggested we take a video of our home in case disaster struck.  Here is the latest walk through.

I guess you can see from this that we are heavily involved in sports, family, travel and other bits of minutia.

Thank you for visiting my web site.  Stop back any time.