Another year in time……another year younger.

We ended 2022 with Linda (Sue's sister and her friend Dann) visiting from San Diego for Christmas and enjoying the festivities.

In March 2022, Chuck and Jeanne visited from Minnesota so it was a month of golf, games and merriment. March 4th , on one of our many golf outings, I scored my third hole in one of my golf “career”; witnessed by Sue, Chuck and Jeanne.

Sue’s high school friend Linda Carlson spends time in Phoenix during the winter and we had a few get-togethers. Sue and Linda have been best friends since junior high school and when we were in Minneapolis this summer, they attended a get together with a few of their HS friends.

Shawn continues to work for Open Text and enjoys his status as a remote employee, working from home.

Sue’s sister, Linda, moved to San Diego so it is a treat when she and Dann visit us in Phoenix. It is an extra treat when we visit them in San Diego.

Trip to Minnesota.

Along the way we stopped in Colorado Springs and stayed a few days with Niece Shari and her husband Dave. Got to mingle with the grand-nieces and nephews and their children. Then on to Nebraska to visit Ginger, nephew Scott and his wife Angie and more nieces/nephews and grands. On our return trip back to Phoenix, we stopped in Clarkson Nebraska to visit with Bob Beeson (Ginger’s son-in-law) and his two sons; Drew and Mitch. Both sons are men of great character. Mitch has already started his college career and Drew is making college plans for next year.

We always keep busy during our month in Minneapolis.

- Visit Rob’s office where he manages 80 real estate agents: very impressive.

- Special lunch date with Madison. She has a great job and works out of her home. What a marvelous young lady!

- Rob and Corinna treated Madison, Carter, Sue and us to sushi. We hadn’t seen Carter and Madison for a few years and wow……both college grads with such maturity and character. Rob and Corinna are both doing very well and they just bought a ‘vacation’ home in Florida near Corinna’s sister and brother-in-law.

- Rob and Corinna treated Madison, Carter and us to ‘Top Golf’ for dinner and golf competition. Rob won the competition because if you hit the back fence, extra points.

- Lunch with old H.S. classmates: Tork, Scavo, Dennis, Henry, Shorty, and Ken. Good time reminiscing.

- Chuck, Jeanne, Sue and I traveled north to visit Jeanne’s sister (Sandy and husband Gary) who live on a lake near a golf course where we all played in a special golf tournament.

- Sue and I traveled north to Walker, Mn where college friends (Brian and Carolyn) live in a log home on Lake Benedict. It was a few days of relaxation, campfires by the lake, deer sightings, good food and spirits.

- Golf match with Rob and his friend Mark against Chuck and me. Always a fun outing.

- Sue’s outing with North H.S. friends and Linda Carlson.

- Our final outing was a night of dinner and karaoke with Rob, Corinna, Madison and Carter. ABBA eat your heart out.

So along with friends, family and spirits, we added group Wordle and trivia to our daily agenda. It was another year of tinkering with the golf, tennis, reading, writing, and homestead improvements and repairs. Looking forward to spring.

Happy holidays and love to all….and to all…good cheer.

Bob, Sue and Shawn

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