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 Introduction to Web Site Design

Designing your own web site can be both stimulating and rewarding. The process will stimulate your creative and technical brain; encouraging you to think, plan and create before, during and after you have built the web site. Do not let this statement deter you. This guide will take you step by step through the process in easy to understand terms.

When you have completed the exercises in this guide, you will see how easy it is to design and maintain your own web site. There are three basic steps in designing and maintaining your site. You will first plan and build your site, page by page. You will then upload your pages to your Internet Service Provider's web site. The last step is to open your pages in your browser to verify the design is correct. These three steps you will perform repeatedly as you will see later.

On the right of this page are logos for InMotion hosting and Microsoft Expression Web 4. InMotion Hosting is the ISP that we recommend you use to store your web site files and serve your web site to the world wide web. The program you will use to construct your web pages is Microsoft Expression 4. This is a free program provided by Microsoft.

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