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Extensive career in the field of engineering and manufacturing.  Experience includes working with new startups and established companies in the area of product definition, sales and marketing.  Expertise in document and engineering collaboration and process optimization.  Main strength is opening new markets with aggressive cold calling on distributors and new accounts.


1962 – 1965      

Full-time night shift at Northern Pacific Railroad

Full-time student at University of Minnesota


1966 - 1969        

U.S. Army - Military Intelligence Branch -  Stationed in Germany

 Spy Statue

1969 - 1972

University of Minnesota

B.A. Degree and post-graduate courses

 U of M


Co-wrote with my brother Steve, a 'how-to' book (Table Soccer Rules and Strategy) that was published by a small publisher in Phoenix, Arizona.



1973 - 1978

Marketing Manager for Mirco Games

Extensive history can be found at:


1979 - 1981

General Manager of Graphtec Inc. An innovative electronics firm whose specialty was designing products utilizing microprocessors. Customers included Honeywell and Litton Industries.


1982 - 1985

Sales Executive for General Electric, specializing in high technology computer-aided design systems.



International Distribution Manager for GTX Corporation, a high technology company innovating engineering software.


1993 - 1998

V.P. Sales at Informative Graphics, a software company specializing in engineering process software.


1999 - 2002


V.P. Sales for Orions42, a startup software company innovating engineering process definition software.


2003 - 2004


Experimented with Real Estate sales




Independent consultant to General Atomics.  GA was implementing a high technology product management system from Parametric Technologies and required an online user manual for their 250 engineers.  My task was to learn the system and design a hyperlinked user manual.  The task was completed in 6 months.


2006 to Present


Retired and began writing two full length historical novels.


'Beryl, A Soldier's Story' won third prize in the Arizona Author's national book contest.  'Pagenkopf, The Royal Connection' was entered a year later and won second place.


Other writing projects include:


- Wrote chronicles for a fellow tennis player.  The finished 160 page work included all his personal photographs and his life story.

- Edited and compiled chronicles for all the adult members of my family.

- Arizona Authors Association judge for a children's essay contest.

- Arizona Authors Association judge for Published Non-Fiction category.

- Design and manage web sites for the Phoenix Tennis Center:  'Friends of Phoenix Tennis Center' and the official Web Site for the center.


HOBBIES:  Tennis, Golf, Reading, Web Site Design, Research and Writing



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