Thelma's Pride at 5348 Colfax Avenue North

Thelma's home on Colfax needed to be converted from her home to a house ready to be put on the market.  Rob visited
and provided his input on what needed to be done to 'stage' the house for the real estate market.

There were numerous projects that needed to be done.  Here are a few of the larger tasks.

Sue and Linda spent days going through every room and cupboard making a detailed list of all the items in the house.  The result was nine pages of items.  All the children and grandchildren were then given a list so they could walk through and put their name on items that they would like to take home.  Sue and Linda then began the tasks of cleaning blinds,
curtains and the numerous inside jobs.

           Organizing                 Organizing 2

There were many tasks on Rob's list that required attention and the following is a brief photo gallery.

Cleaning the windows in the house required all the efforts of the nephews and sons.
 Window Washing Crew  Window Washing 2 
Window Crew  Sons Nephews Windows 

The potting shed needed a lot of TLC.

Before picture

Before picture
Potting Shed Before  Shed before 

After Picture

Jeff, Natalie and Ellie painting.
Shed After  Jeff Natali Ellie painting 
Jeff Natalie Ellie Painting 2 

A note on the potting shed. 

In 1992 the family gathered and removed a decades
old lean-to and replaced it with the 'potting shed' as
you see it today. Thelms used the shed to store all her
gardening tools and to start seedlings in the spring.

Jeanne weeded the English Garden.

Jeanne weeding the back "wetland" area.

English garden Jeanne weeding

Jeanne weeded and arranged the front.

And also the side.


Jeanne selected plants for the English garden.

Side weeded
Jeanne planting English garden plants

Flowers in bloom!
Flowers in bloom Front flowers

The north side of the house raked and cleaned.

The 'vegetable' garden needed weeding.
North side Veg before

Amanda took on the task of finishing the project.

Amanda and veg plot Veg After

Amanda weeded the corner rock garden.
The potting shed needed to be cleaned out.
Corner rock garden Potting shed

A new side gate was needed and Les took on the task.
There was a chain link fence where the snow blower
is sitting.  Charlie took it out.  The new gate will
be positioned at the corner of the garage.

Les custom building the new gate.
south side walk Les building gate

Les and Amanda make up the gate crew.

Gate crew Gate Crew


Here John is fixing the hole in the roof.  One of many of the projects he undertook.

John Fixing Roof

The garage door needed a security eye. The old opener
 couldn't be retrofitted so a whole new opener was

Bobby fixed the sliding doors in the master bedroom
Closet Doors
Garage door eye Garage opener

John took on the task of repairing all the cracked windows.
He also took on the task of clearing out the crawl space of old empty boxes and taking a load of wood from the
garage loft.  In between all that he made other repairs.

John and windows John and Chuck Windows

Inside painting was a Linda/Sue project; three closets and the bathroom ceiling.

Closet 1                   Closet 2
Bath Ceiling  

Everyone came over to look over the items on the nine page list.  Here are a few photos.

Dustin  Amanda in Living Room 

Ethan in Walsh's bus uniform.

Here is a collage of cousins. 
Bus Uniform  Collage

Large Projects
Cleaning the Garage Rafters   

John and Shad spent an afternoon removing lumber,
trunks and stuff from the garage. 
Garage junk  2x8 from garage rafters 


Garage Rafters Cleaned Junk from garage

Shane sign

The next large project was to remove the old wooden, rotted floor in the garage.
Garage floor before Garage floor removal

Garage floor before Garage floor prepared

Garage floor crew

Base of the new floor

Base of new floor

Preparing floor

Preparing floor

New floor

New Floor 2

New garage floor after three coats of paint.

New garage floor

New garage floor

Cleaning begins!

First we rented a dumpster!

Cleaning Crew
Dumpster arrives Cleaning Crew

More Cleaning Crew
Cleaning Cleaning Crew

Kid Crew

Kid Crew

Small Crew

Les back patio

Walsh Crew

Tracy cleaning

John began cleaning the crawl space
 and Jeanne finished it.
Brandi helping Jeanne in the basement.

Crawl space
Brandi cleaning

Jeanne washing/waxing the basement walls.
Cleaning basement

cleaning basement

Cleaning basement

Jeanne continued with the cleaning: kitchen, windows,
floors, laundry room and all the walls.
Chuck sorted the hazard waste and took it
to the Hennepin Country hazard waste dump.
Hazard waste Hazard waste electronics


The dumpster is FULL!
dumpster full
Next Large Task:  The Well.  A well must either be licensed and working or plugged.  The decision was to plug it since it hadn't worked for decades.  We hired a licensed contractor who said he would plug it but he didn't have the crew or time to dig the hole.  Guess who dug the hole?

Next, estimate where the well head is located. The contractor arrived with a metal detector and put an X where he thought it should be.
First task was to remove the pump and get rid of the old water storage tank. Once the pipes were exposed, a tape measure was  inserted to help figure the distance of the pipes to the well head.  

well pump
John's friend Andy cut the cement.

Andy cutting cement
Cement pile Chuck digging

Bob digging

Reach well head


Two pipes from the house connected to the well head

Well head found

Bob and Sue covered the well hole to keep out rain.

Well covered

Then we had a cave in so more digging.

Cave in

Five days later the crew from E. Renner arrived with their equipment.  The first task was to cut the pipes from the house to the well head.

Setting up the hoist crossbar with the 1 ton electric motor.

torching pipes
Hoist machine

Finally got the first section

Ran into problems with fourth section.  Rerigged so the
pulley was a two ton pulley.
First section 5 sections
From the well head to the water was 37 feet.  From the well head to the bottom of the water table was 87 feet. The last part was to pour the cement down the hole. The next task was to fill the hole.  Since Bob and Chuck created the hole, they had the fun of filling it back in.  A
rented 'thumper' packed down the dirt.
Pouring cement into well hole Thumper

The licensed contractor fills out a certificate and mails it to us for our records.  He then registers the 'grouted' well with the State.  We can then record the certificate  with Hennepin County as a permanent record for 5348 Colfax Ave. North and present it to the buyer upon the close of the sale.

Next step for the crew was to cement the top of the hole.  Chuck and Jeanne went to Home Depot and loaded 12
 60 pound bags of concrete onto Chuck's truck.  Sunday morning Chuck arrived at Thelma's with the load.  Ethan and Alex arrived to help with the heavy work.
Cement mixing cement smoothing

Cement Project

Well Sealed

Well Disclosure Instructions
Mn Dept Health Mn Dept 2
As we waited for the big job of the well, smaller jobs
were performed.

Basement windows needed some TLC.
Basement window before Basement windows after

Front porch needed new paint.
front porch before front porch painted

Basement floors needed a lot of work and polish.
Crawl space needed a thorough vacuum.
Polished floor Crawl space
Hot and cold running water thanks to Trayton. Picnic table needed a coat of paint.
Kitchen sink Picnic Table

Cleaning was an endless task.

Sue, Linda and Jeanne cleaning.
Kitchen cabinets inside and out.

Kitchen cupboards
Wash kitchen walls and tiles.

Kitchen walls

Wash/Paint kitchen closet: line shelves.

Wash and iron all curtains.
kitchen closet Bedroom curtains

Window curtains downstairs
Downstairs kitchen curtains

Kitchen windows
Clean the fireplace.
Wash basement closets. Clean/Shampoo all carpets.

Basement closets

Cleaning carpets

Clean 3 storm doors and frames.

Clean all light fixtures and wall plates.

Storm doors
Light Fixture

Wash and wax all floors.
Clean washer/dryer, tub, furnace, water heater.

Waxed floor

Laundry room

English garden is thriving.

Basement window needed replacement.  Busted out the
two encased windows and began to install glass bricks.
English Garden Blocks WIP
Block Window The Fireplace

The fireplace needs a drain in the event water comes down the chimney from a rain storm.  There is a pipe that extends from the bottom of the chimney to the basement.  For all these years, a bucket was hung on the pipe to collect the water.

Now, a hose has been installed from the drain pipe to the basement sump pump.  No more bucket.

Fireplace bucket

Fireplace hose
         Memorial Services for Thelma Linnea, (Dahlquist, Walsh) Christopherson
Program front Program Inside

Lutheran Church, Taylors Falls


             Amanda, Natalie, Krista, Sarah, Hailey, Ellie

     Ladies at the church

Swedish Floral Arrangement

Swedish Floral

Cemetary Video
(mouse click here)

Alter at the Church

Alter at the church

Church Alter

Hymn, "In the Garden"

Sung by Thelma's great-granddaughters
Amanda Walsh, Hailey Baribeau, Natalie Ramacher, Ellie Thompson
Girls Singing

Two short videos of the girls singing
Video One
Video Two

Thelma sang this same hymn 85 years ago in this same church.
Grave Site Gravesite floral

Time to say Goodbye