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The menus above show examples of my work in web design and composition writing.

Small Business Accounts

A small business has several reasons to have a Web Site and Facebook account. These are social media outlets that allow customers and prospective customers a chance to comment on your performance and service. It also is a means to attract new customers to your business.

Web design services range from small personal web sites to complex business sites. The range of design covers the whole spectrum of designing your personal logo to providing a unique look to your page.

Your pages will be content driven. The content and message will determine the layout and style of your web site.

Personal web sites

A personal web site can be very satisfying and rewarding for sharing your life with friends and family. It may also lead to new family contacts. For instance, a distant relative who I had not known came across my web site and contacted me because of a key word on my web site. We were definately related and he, being a genealogy enthusiast, had researched that line of our family back to 18th Century Prussia.

Writing and Composing Services

As you can see from the above menu, I offer several services. Whether it is your personal or family chronicles or help with your high school or college reunion, or a wedding, I am available to take on your project.

Custom Logo Design

Custom Page Design

Unique Graphics

Eye Catching Layout

Search Engine Optimization

Web Site Learning