Mark Barry Concert at the Duck and Decanter
November 4, 2012

Mark Barry has been a tennis player at the Phoenix Tennis center for ages.  His two man band plays their folk music at different venues in Arizona.  When the Drop In group learned of his appearance at the Duck and Decanter, they decided to make it a gathering.  Here are the photos and videos from that event.

bobandsue  bobandsue2 
Don  cowboy 2 
john  cowboy and mike 
dan and bill  group 
group2  grouop3 
group4  jack and wife 
john and mark  ken and girl 
ken singing  mandelbaum 
mark1  mark4 
mark duo  Marks partner 
max and friend  mike mark don 
Two videos taken at the gathering.

Mark singing “Smallfry.”

 Ken Lang singing and view of the audience.

We look forward to the next 'concert'.